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Bucaramanga will once again host an international event:

28 of February of 2017
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Thanks to an important management of the Convention Bureau of Bucaramanga, on 16 and 17 November, the capital of Santander will receive more than 200 companies from the tourism sector from all over the continent, which will participate in the most important business round in tourism Of nature, ProColombia Nature Travel Mart.

The announcement was made by María Alejandra Sampayo Guerrero, Executive Director of Bucaramanga Convention and Visitors Bureau, who also detailed that seven Colombian cities disputed this event. "Finally, Bucaramanga was able to host, thanks to the articulated process of international promotion in which our infrastructure, our activities around tourism and other key aspects for the sustainability of the region have played a very important role, allowing us also a better Positioning as venue for events and meetings at a national and international level. "

Also, Sampayo pointed out the strategic value that will have this event for Santander. "Our department is one of the main exporters of nature tourism, because we have offers of hiking, bird watching, agrotourism, caving, etc. And, with ProColombia Nature Travel Mart, we will be able to bring together the most important international buyers of nature tourism in Santander, to show them our wide offer in this segment of the tourist market. Not to mention the positive impact these events bring to the city, in terms of hotels, transportation, restaurants and commerce in general, "said the Director of the Bureau.

Although the scenario that will host this international business conference has not yet been determined, there are already three options to study for this event, which is one of the 46 to be held in Bucaramanga and Santander, with a public over 30 thousand People, thanks to the work and management of the Convention Bureau of Bucaramanga.

Who was the jury, who determined the venue for this event?

The qualifying jury that selected Bucaramanga as the venue for ProColombia Nature Travel Mart was formed by important guilds such as Cotelco Nacional, Anato Nacional, Fedec, Acotur and Procolombia, who is also the entity that organizes this business conference.

Before this panel of jurors was presented the proposal that the Bureau had been developing for two years, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, the Government of Santander, the Mayor of Bucaramanga, the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bucaramanga, Cotelco Santander, Acodres Santander and Procolombia, in which aspects such as aerial connectivity, hotel capacity, infrastructure of events, tourist attractions, among others, with the objective of convincing the rigorous jury were exposed.