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Congress Applications:

We want Bucaramanga to host its next Congress and / or Convention, so:

  • We plan the application process.

  • We prepare the presentation and / or official document of the candidature.

  • We supply the graphic and audiovisual material necessary to enrich the candidacy.

  • We attended the decision meeting to hold the official Bucaramanga exhibition as venue for the event.



Once chosen as the venue for the congress, we will:

  • Promotion of the destination in the version prior to the congress in our city.

  • Promotion of the congress in the channels of communication of the Bureau and its allies.

  • Accompaniment before, during and after the congress.

  • Link with the public and private entities necessary for the development of the event.


Inspection Visits:

We know that the choice of the place is not easy, that is why:

  • We coordinate and accompany inspection visits so that associations, corporations, governmental entities, sports, universities and other professionals can personally know the possible places to carry out The congress, as well as information from suppliers (Members of the Bucaramanga Convention and Visitors Bureau).